3 thoughts on “Big Snowflake Heart Queen

  1. hi michelle,

    i’ve been enjoying your art since your show in the telluride gallery earlier this year. LOVE this painting, and your freedom and sponteneity! really enjoying watching your growth as an artist.

    1. Thanks for the nice words. I can see from your website we share several subjects! Beautiful work on your end. And reminds me SO much of another of our artists Susan Billings, if you’re inclined to check that out as well. Regarding the Snowflake Heart Queen, it was the last painting I did for the show. I was worried it would be too dark and really struggled with it — But a number of people were drawn to her above all the others. One just never knows!

      1. How funny, I just had my first show at the Ridgway Cimarron Coffeeshop and had the same experience with my last painting of the Juniper. As for Susie – love her and have taken her classes. Now I hope to develop my own style further. I’m so new at this. Happy painting!

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