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IMG_3205Over the past 25 years I’ve experimented with a number of mediums and subject matter, including cartoons, caricatures, dioramas, latex and acrylic paints, and oil pastels. Currently, I’m using  vintage and antique papers and a variety of mediums to create surfaces that speak to me, draw me in. I find narrative fragments evocative and mysterious and try to tell myself stories whenever possible.

I’m in love with elements of everyday life. Birds, bugs, coffee cups, slices of lemon, all sorts of things. I also like symbols. The series of hearts was begun after a period of personal loss when my community was just so good to me.

And now I’m trying to re-enter painting in a way that makes sense to me. I don’t really know what the future will bring. 


3 thoughts on “information, please

  1. Hi Michelle. My name is Robyn Wilkinson and we are lucky enough to have one of your paintings in our kitchen that we bought from a French restaurant in Telluride at least 8 years ago. We are renovating our home and will have a big wall in our Dining Room… it’s perfect for the spoon painting of yours, but we are wondering if there’s any way we could ask/pay for another painting to go with it because we have a bit more room to play with. Maybe one of forks? I’m happy to send you the picture of your painting, and you could see if it’s something you’d be interested in? Thank you so much for even considering it – this is the first piece of real art I’ve ever bought, and we love seeing it every day! Thank you!! Robyn

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